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Setting high standards of work for myself and doing the things I like most help me to exceeding all expectations.

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Analyzing business problems accurately in the first place saves resources and reduces the complexity of the solution.

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Working together closely with other developers during the creative process results in an optimal and stunning product.

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Individually implementing concepts satisfies special performance and usability requirements on the highest quality level.

About me

Who I am ...

Kevin Scholz

Workaholic and ridiculously good-humored

I'm Kevin Scholz - an ambitious webdeveloper and bachelor student focused on entrepreneurship. Originally from a small city near Hannover I now live in the greatest city on earth - Hamburg. When I'm not racking my brain taking all kinds of classes in my business informatics studies, I work for the Otto Group, a worldwide group of companies trading across all channels.

In my free time which is sometimes very rare I always try to gain more skills in various tech & business topics, run the beautiful paths throughout the city and do what every student in Hamburg would do after 10pm.

Tech Skills

XHTML / CSS / Javascript 95%
Photoshop 60%
PHP 80%
MySql 80%
Java 70%
Cobol 80%
Bake delicious cookies 100%

Business Skills

  • Practice in marketing
  • Experience in controlling
  • Experience in project management
  • Experience in social media marketing
  • Experience in database design
  • Practice in accounting
  • Experience in batch processing


What I'm interested in ...

Web Development

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Everywhere, everyone, every time. The globally connected world is growing. Companies present themselves on the web, service providers offer marketplaces, distribution of data or entertainment and people from all over the world discuss all kinds of topics online.

Country borders have blurred, revolutions have been coordinated via the internet and every single person can fly virtually over Hong Kong and New York at the same time. Driven by these technical developments the web is constantly changing.

As a web developer I can participate in this amazing revolution and be conducive to the rapidly changing way of communication globally.

Web and UI Design

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Pure tech is ugly. Transmitting encoded data, transported over network layers and technical components doesn't make anything more attractive. But there is a way out: the unique design of data representation will turn it around.

Designers give these bits and bytes a chance and turn them into an accessible, user-friendly and, most of all, personal experience. It is as Steve Jobs said: "Design is how it works". Creating a fancy UI with the requirement of intuitive handling and functionality is a tough challenge.

Setting the focus on this topic determines the on success or failure of your product.

App Development

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Almost every business is building their own mobile strategy. It's not hard to figure out why: Mobile is growing rapidly and is pretty convenient. Only one person of seven doesn't have a mobile device, currently every second person in the western world has a smartphone.

This fast growing market offers a lot of opportunities to companies to always be in their customer's pocket. This leads to a very attractive situation for developers, no matter if your goal is to earn money with in-app purchasing, pay for services or just to establish your brand.

Because of these great chances, following the innovative trends by creating one's own apps - this is one of the most interesting thinks you can do nowadays.

Social Media Identity

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Social media has played a huge role in just about everyone’s life in the last years. While spending much time pinning, posting, liking, tweeting, and watching content on different social networks, we have also come across various companies. It doesn't matter whether they attracted us with a smart video, a coupon or a fancy facebook app - they will stick in our memory for a long time.

Creating such distinguishing eye-catchers and marketing campaigns is in my opinion the most challenging topic for business in the next few years.


What happened before ...

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    Kaspar Hameln


  • Personal website

    Kevin Scholz


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Located in Uhlenhorst, Hamburg, Germany

  • Email: [email protected]
  • URL: kevinscholz.com

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